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By Alexander R. Pruss

Book Description: reality, risk and Worlds is an exploration of the Aristotelian account that sees probabilities as grounded in causal powers. On his approach to that account, Pruss surveys a couple of ancient methods and argues that normal debts of chance or necessity are implausible.

The concept of attainable worlds turns out to be useful for plenty of reasons, corresponding to the research of counterfactuals or accounting for supervenience. This usefulness of attainable worlds makes for the query: Are there any attainable worlds and, if this is the case, what are they? Are they concrete universes as David Lewis thinks, Platonic abstracta as according to Robert M. Adams and Alvin Plantinga, or perhaps linguistic or mathematical constructs comparable to Heller thinks? Or could be Leibniz correct in considering that possibilia should not on par with actualities and that abstracta can purely exist in a brain, in order that attainable worlds are rules within the brain of God?

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