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The Being of the Percipi V. The Ontological evidence VI. Being-In-Itself half 1: the matter of Nothingness Ch. 1: The beginning of Negation I. The query II. Negations III. The Dialectical notion of Nothingness IV. The Phenomenological thought of Nothingness V. The beginning of Nothingness Ch. 2: undesirable religion I. undesirable religion and Falsehood II. styles of undesirable religion III. The "Faith" of undesirable religion half 2: Being-for-Itself Ch. 1: quick buildings of the For-Itself I. Presence to Self II. The Facticity of the For-Itself III. The For-Itself and the Being of price IV. The For-Itself and the Being of chances V. The Self and the Circuit of Selfness Ch. 2: Temporality I. Phenomenology of the 3 Temporal Dimensions A. The prior B. the current C. the long run II. The Ontology of Temporality A. Static Temporality B. The Dynamic of Temporality III. unique Temporality and Psychic Temporality: mirrored image Ch. three: Transcendence I. wisdom as one of those Relation among the For-Itself and the In-Itself II. selection as Negation III. caliber and volume, Potentiality, Instrumentality IV. The Time of the realm A. The previous B. the current C. the longer term V. wisdom half three: Being-for-Others Ch. 1: The lifestyles of Others I. the matter II. The Reef of Solipsism III. Husserl, Hegel, Heidegger IV. The glance Ch. 2: The physique I. The physique as Being-for-Itself Facticity II. The Body-for-Others III. The 3rd Ontological measurement of the physique Ch. three: Concrete kin with Others I. First angle towards Others: Love, Language, Masochism II. moment perspective towards Others: Indifference, hope, Hate, Sadism III. "Being-With" and the "We" A. The Us-Object B. The We-Subject half four: Having, Doing and Being Ch. 1: Being and Doing: Freedom I. Freedom: the 1st of motion II. Freedom and Facticity: the placement A. My position B. My earlier C. My surroundings D. My Fellowman E. My dying III. Freedom and accountability Ch. 2: Doing and Having I. Existential Psychoanalysis II. "Doing" and "Having": ownership III. caliber as a Revelation of Being end I. In-Itself and For-Itself: Metaphysical Implications II.

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