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By Dale Wasserman

Comedy Drama / 13m, 4f / Int. w. inset. Kirk Douglas performed on Broadway as an enthralling rogue who contrives to serve a brief sentence in an ethereal psychological establishment relatively in a jail. This, he learns, used to be a mistake. He clashes with the top nurse, a fierce artinet. speedy, he is taking over the backyard and accomplishes what the clinical occupation has been not able to do for twelve years; he makes a presumed deaf and dumb Indian speak. He leads others out of introversion, levels a rebel with the intention to see the area sequence on tv, and arranges a rollicking middle of the night get together with liquor and chippies. For one offense, the top nurse has him undergo surprise therapy. The get together is just too horrid for her and he or she forces him to undergo a last correction a frontal lobotomy. Winner of the 2001 Outer Critics Circle Award for extraordinary Revival. "Cuckoo is captivating." - the hot York submit "Scarifying and powerful." - the hot York instances

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Colossal as baseballs! DR. SPIVEY. Haw! (And the boys chuckle, too. DR. SPIVEY rises, to go away. ) NURSE RATCHED. One second, medical professional. I may still prefer to go back to the topic. DR. SPIVEY. What topic? NURSE RATCHED. The query of surgery for sufferer McMurphy. sixty eight ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST DR SPIVEY. no longer warranted other than in instances of uncontrollable violence. NURSE RATCHED. He has exhibited violence. DR SPIVEY. lets say there has been a undeniable ... provocation? (With unforeseen firmness. ) No, leave out Ratched. because you have cited the problem in staff instead of employees, I shall kingdom my opinion. i don't approve surgery within the absence of recurrent violence. NURSE RATCHED. (I'ightly. ) And if it's going to recur? DR SPIVEY. Then ... we could re-examine. Mr. McMurphy - i might undergo that during brain. (EXits. ) NURSE RATCHED. (Smiling brightly. ) Behave your self, boys. (Exits, through the AIDES. ) McMURPHY. (Shouting after her. ) Do switch your brain approximately these remedies, ma'am, I simply adore your little battery charger! (His face adjustments while she is long gone. To HARDING:) What used to be that stuff approximately "surgical process? " HARDING. i suppose she skill lobotomy. McMURPHY. what is that? HARDING. good, it's possible you'll name it form of ... castration of the mind. McMURPHY. ok, ok, what is it do to you? HARDING. (Gestures to McMURPHY to stick to him, and crosses to face sooner than RUCKLY. ) they are saying he was a true tough personality. McMURPHY. (Gazing at RUCKLY ... the slack physique, empty eyes. Softly. ) Jee-zuss ... HARDING. (Impulsively. ) Mac, now we have been conversing it over, the men and that i. we expect you must get out of right here. McMURPHY. (His eyes nonetheless on RUCKLY. ) Get out ofhere? CHESWICK. (Eagerly. ) that is correct, we discovered a fashion. Soon's it will get darkish this night, I set hearth to my bed. Then we make a holler and while the firemen come they are going to depart the door ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST sixty nine open, should not they? Then we rush you out! McMURPHY. (Turns to them, grinning. ) Boys, it really is pretty much as good as a television convey, and that i thanks. but when I went i would pass over the celebration. CIffiSWICK. celebration? McMURPHY. You forgotten? SCANLON. Holy cow! McMURPHY. you would not wish me to overlook Billy cashin' in his virginity? HARDING. yet, Mac McMURPHY. don't fret, boys, this night them home windows may be open. So i will be able to sashay correct on out. We make it a goin'-away get together, huh? (Sees WARREN coming into. ) Woops, cool it. WARREN. dinner time, gents, flow yo' toes. (He is going to drag the "nails" from R UCKLY 'S palms and the A CUTESfollow him out. ) McMURPHY. (Catching BILLY'S awareness. ) Pst. (BILLY involves him. Confidentially:) you're taking your supplementations, Billy? 'Cause i am wamin' you, that sweet woman ... ! BILLY. Aw, Mac ... McMURPHY. Now, do not cross bashful on me, i am bettin' you bum that lady down! BILLY. that is correct that is what i am gonna do ... (Squirming pleasurably. ) i am goin' to b-bum her down! McMURPHY. good day, you were given any bread? BILLY. How a lot? McMURPHY. "Bout fifty greenbacks? BILLY. Fifty - ! (Resentfully. ) What for? McMURPHY. Candy's layin' out for liquor. and there is previous Turkle to keep up, and ... why the hell you lookin' down your nostril like that?

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