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By Michael David-Fox

Through the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties millions of ecu and American writers, pros, scientists, artists, and intellectuals made a pilgrimage to adventure the "Soviet scan" for themselves. Showcasing the good test explores the reception of those intellectuals and fellow-travelers and their cross-cultural and trans-ideological encounters with a view to study Soviet attitudes in the direction of the West.

Many of the 20 th century's maximum writers and thinkers, together with Theodore Dreiser, André Gide, Paul Robeson, and George Bernard Shaw, notoriously defended Stalin's USSR regardless of the unparalleled violence of its prewar decade. whereas many viewers have been profoundly stricken by their Soviet excursions, so too used to be the Soviet method. The early reports of establishing showcases and educating outsiders to understand the future-in-the-making represent a ignored overseas a part of the emergence of Stalinism at domestic. Michael David-Fox contends that every facet seriously tested the opposite, negotiating emotions of inferiority and superiority, admiration and enmity, emulation and rejection. by the point of the good Purges, those tensions gave option to the dramatic triumph of xenophobia and isolationism; while within the twenties the recent regime assumed it had a lot to profit from Western modernity, via the Stalinist thirties the Soviet order used to be declared enhanced in all respects.

Drawing at the declassified archival files of the enterprises charged with crafting the overseas photo of communism, David-Fox exhibits how Soviet efforts to promote the Bolshevik scan in a foreign country via cultural international relations formed and have been, in flip, formed via the continued venture of defining the Soviet Union from inside. those interwar Soviet tools of mobilizing the intelligentsia for the foreign ideological contest, he argues, at once cleared the path for the cultural chilly War.

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