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By Andrea Poma

This publication presents an analytical interpretation of Leibniz's 'Essais de Théodicée' with wide-ranging references to all his works. It indicates and upholds many thesis: Leibniz's rational belief of religion, his rational inspiration of puzzle, the reformation of classical ontology, and the significance of Leibniz's suggestion within the culture of the severe idealism. In his undertaking to formulate a theodicy, Leibniz emerges as a vintage exponent of a non-immanentist glossy rationalism, in a position to accomplishing an in depth discussion with faith and religion. This relation signifies that God and cause are without delay concerned about posing the problem and that the defence of 1 is the defence of the opposite. Theodicy and logodicy are key facets of a philosophy that is open to religion and of a religion which will intrude in tradition and heritage.

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